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5530 Laser Interferometer
The Keysight 5530 Laser System offers the user the ultimate in portability combined with proven technology that only over thirty years of experience can achieve. The 5530 system uses the trusted 5519 laser head and optics combined with new purpose designed USB interfaces and environmental sensors. The E1735A USB Axis Module and  E1736A USB Sensor Hub are both enclosed in a small yet rugged die cast casing, and require no external power supply taking there power from the PC's USB. The E1737A Material Sensors and the E1738A Air Sensor have durable inbuilt push fit connectors allowing the cable to be changed quickly and easily if the length required changes or if the cable becomes damaged.


Illustration of the Keysight 5530 laser interferometer showing USB sensors and laser head interfaces.


Keysight 5530 Laser System



Part No.


Illustration showing 5519 Laser Head

Laser Head

5519A / 5519B

The Laser Head provides both laser source and detector. This connects via a cable to the data capture PC. The 5519A (0.7m/s) can be replaced with the 5519B laser head enabling higher measurement velocity (1.0 m/s).

Illustration showing the USB Axis Module E1735A used to connect the Laser Head, 19888A remote control and A quad B input to a PC.

USB Axis Module


USB Axis Module is the interface between the Laser head and the PC. It has an A quad B input as well as an input for the 10888A remote control unit.

Data Sheet

Illustration showing the USB Sensor Hub E1736A used to connect the enviromental sensors, to monitor the air temperature presure and humidity.

USB Sensor Hub


USB Sensor Hub is the interface between the air sensor and material sensors. These sensors monitor the air conditions and the material temperature to enable accurate corrections to be applied to the wavelength of light. These measurements compensate for environmental changes during measurements.

Data Sheet

Air sensor E1738A, used to monitor air temperature presure and humidity to allow the relavent corrections to the wavelength of light.

Air Sensor


Air Sensor monitors the temperature and air pressure of the surrounding environment allowing the appropriate wavelength of light corrections to be applied.

Material Sensors

Material Temperature Sensor for measurement of material temperature allowing the appropriate thermal corrections to be applied, a magnet holds the sensor in contact with the material surface. Additional sensors can be added with varying cable lengths to monitor material temperature across a structure.


The following optics and kits can be added to the system to enable differing measurements to be made. These kits are all fully compatible with the Hewlett Packard 5529A and 5528A laser systems.


Measurement Type Optic / Fixture Kit Part No.
Linear Linear Measurement Kit 55280B
Diagonal Diagonal Measurement Kit 10768A
Linear Measurement Kit 55280B
Angular Angular Optics Kit 55281A
Rotary/Indexing Angular Position Measurement Kit 55290B
Flatness and Way Straightness Angular Optics Kit 55281A
Flatness Accessory Kit 55282A
Straightness and Parallelism Straightness Measurement Kit 55283A
Squareness Straightness Measurement Kit 55283A
Optical Square 10777A

Linear / Angular

Combination Linear/Angular Kit


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