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Laser Interferometer Systems


Keysight Technologies are world leaders in the development and application of laser interferometry systems for a wide range of precision measurements. The Keysight systems use a highly stable HeNe laser tube. This is combined with the two frequency interferometry method for superior measurements. The twin frequency system uses a frequency counting method rather than an intensity based system, for more reliable measurements over linear lengths of up to 80m. For more information on the basic principles of two frequency interferometry click here.  


The 5530 Laser Calibrator System



The Keysight 5530 calibrator system which has replaced the Agilent and Hewlett Packard 5529 calibrator system gives a portable system with the flexibility to measure in a wide variety of applications. The basic system can be used for linear positioning and velocity measurement with additional optical equipment enabling measurement of angular motion, rotary motion, straightness and flatness. The 5527 transducer system can be used in positioning systems for machinery such as X -Y stages.

The 5527 Transducer Laser Head for Linear Positioning Systems


C. D. Measurements are the U.K. and Eire distributors for the Keysight laser interferometry systems and provide a full sales and support service. All our engineers regularly use the laser calibration equipment on a wide range of machines and can help pass on our vast knowledge base. This experience also enables us to advise in development of specialist measurement applications, we have helped our customers with simple single axis measurements to complex six axis simultaneous measurement systems.


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Keysight 5530 Dynamic Calibrator  

Keysight 5530 Dynamic Calibrator. System overview.

Keysight 5530 Dynamic Calibrator   Keysight 5530 Dynamic Calibrator.
Verify Machine Performance with the World
Standard for Laser-based Metrology
Laser Positioning Systems  

Keysight Technologies. Optics and Laser Heads for Laser-Interferometer Positioning Systems. Product Overview.


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