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UKAS Accredited

Calibration  Services



C D Measurements can offer UKAS accredited calibration both on and offsite.


Onsite calibration for linear and angular motions of equipment such as machine tools


Our UKAS Accredited Onsite Measurement Capability
 Linear Length  Up to 30m
 Rotary  360 without restriction


Our Traceable to National Standards Onsite Measurement Capability
 Linear Length  30m to 80m
 Angular / Straightness  Up to 30m
 Squareness  Up to 30m total axes travel


Permanent laboratory calibration for equipment such as autocollimators and precision electronic levels


Our UKAS Accredited Permanent Laboratory Measurement Capability
 Glass and Steel Polygons  up to 36 sides
 Electronic autocollimators  up to 600 seconds of arc
 Electronic levels  up to 600 seconds of arc



Document   Notes    
UKAS Schedule  

Description of UKAS accreditations and associated uncertainty of measurement.

UKAS Don't Risk it  

Introductory guide to explain how risk can be minimised by using UKAS accredited laboratory for calibration and testing.



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