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We offer a comprehensive and Independent on-site service for the calibration and assessment of CNC, manual machine tools and manual measuring machines. We have experience of calibration of a wide range of machine tools such as machining centres, floor borers, horizontal lathes and vertical lathes. Our highly skilled calibration engineers can perform error assessment and where appropriate apply software error compensation to machine tool controller or DRO. Customers from small Tool Makers to large scale Aerospace and Automotive manufacturers appreciate our commitment to quality and our continued endeavour to offer our best service at competitive cost, together with willingness and flexibility in accommodating their needs, even outside normal working hours thereby alleviating lost production. We cover the whole of the UK, EU and other countries by special request, where we work alongside our customersĺ maintenance staff. Our considerable experience in the calibration and compensation fields enables us to offer, not only the basic requirements for reliable production, but also in-depth assessment of all aspects of machine tool and CMM performance. The combination of experience, extensive range of equipment and unique software, enable us to carry on where others leave off.


Illustration of C D Measurements patented ball bar system, Contisure. This system can be used for calibration and error correction for erros such as backlash. On site pitch error compensation and calibration illustration Illustration of 5 axis head calibration Illustration of 5 axis head calibration Illustration of calibration of horizontal measuring machine


Complete Measurement Service - We can measure linear and rotary positioning (e.g. rotary tables, tilt heads) as well as straightness, squareness and angular motion (roll, pitch, yaw) of linear axes. All equipment used is calibrated and traceable to National Standards, C.D. Measurements are UKAS accredited for Linear distance and Angular measurements as well as Rotary measurement including indexing tables.


Minimum Down Time - In most cases the linear positioning accuracy of a basic three axis-machining centre can be checked, software pitch error correction applied and calibrated in a single shift, using laser interferometers. Five axis machines can usually be completed in two shifts using interferomtery for linear axes and collimators and polygons for the rotary axis. Our right first time error compensation is achieved by the application of our proprietary 'Calsure' software and hardware systems which require a minimum of human intervention reducing the chances of human error. These benefits can also be applied to rotary axes, such as indexing tables and five axis heads, which can be assessed error compensated and calibrated using polygon and laser collimator interfaced directly to our proprietary software. Pointing lasers can be used to align or check the alignment of machines, machine foundations and a like.


Sub-Micron Uncertainty - Our best measurement capability of 0.15Ám + 0.5Ám/m for lengths up to 4m and 1.9Ám/m for axes up to 30m is the best available in the UK.


Illustration of a sample machine tool showing error measurement prior to pitch error compensation being applied.
Linear axes before compensation
Illustration of a sample machine tool showing error measurement after pitch error correction being applied.
Linear axes after compensation


Reports and Certification - measurement results can be assessed to a wide variety of national and international standards such as ISO 230, JIS, VDI3441 with Reports and Certification supplied in either hardcopy or electronically in PDF format. Our UKAS accreditation for linear and rotary measurements gives our customers internationally recognised certificates of calibration. These reports will fit into ISO 9000 quality systems and give customers piece of mind that your machines can perform as required and can be vital for obtaining work with large multinational companies.


Ball Bar - Contouring Assessment - Using our patented 'Contisure' Ball Bar system we can assess machine profiling performance at circular radii from 0.1mm up to 1000mm. Ball Bar tests can provide conditioning monitoring of machine tools, which is vital for reliable production. The Contouring check not only assess the ability of a machine tool to perform Circular Interpolation but also can be used for quick diagnostic checks of machines. Results can be assessed and presented to ISO 230-4 with diagnostic information also being supplied. The Contisure software and hardware is also available for purchase, to allow our customers to check there own machines on a regular basis.


Flatness Assessment - Application of our 'Surfsure' Flatness calibration software flatness of surface tables machine beds and ways can be assessed. Flatness can be assessed to the Union Jack or Grid methods with results assessed to BS 817, ISO 8512-2 or DIN 876.


Volumetric Error Mapping - Error Mapping for Machine Tools and CMMs can be performed using our 'VEA' software. Basic errors such as Positioning, Straightness, Squareness, Roll, Pitch, and Yaw can be combined to predict the error of a machine at any point as well as Direct measurements of Machine diagonals as specified in ISO 230-6.


Our Measurement Capability
 UKAS Accredited Linear Length  Up to 30m
 Traceable to National Standards Linear Length  30m to 80m
 Traceable to National Standards Angular / Straightness  Up to 30m
 Traceable to National Standards Squareness  Up to 30m total axes travel
 UKAS Accredited Rotary  360║ without restriction
 Traceable to National Standards Ball Bar Contouring  0.2mm up to 2000mm diameter


Safe Working - As part of our commitment to safe working all our on-site engineers have sucessfully completed the CSCS Health and Safety operatives course. The Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS) training courses cover a wide range of industrial and construction site safety issues, procedures and practices. These safety courses along with extensive industrial experience enable our engineers to implement safe systems of work on your site while performing machine tool calibrations.  


Document   Notes    
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Description of UKAS accreditations and associated uncertainty of measurement.

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Introductory guide to explain how risk can be minimised by using UKAS accredited laboratory for calibration and testing.

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Introduction to our onsite Machine Tool and CMM calibration services.

Laser Calibration Services Brochure  

Introduction to our Laser Machine Tool Calibration and Pitch Error Correction services.



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