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Surfsure - Flatness Calibration



Illustration of Surfsure software with a level ready to calibarte a surface table


The Surfsure software system offers the user a powerful data acquisition and analysis package where professional calibrations of flatness are required. The choice of linear and rectangular grid in addition to the well established ‘Union Jack’ configuration of generators enables the calibration procedure to be optimised to the specification of the items under calibration. This facilitates a reduced measurement uncertainty to be achieved when undertaking calibrations on grades ‘0’ and ‘1’ tables. Extensive data management features are also included. Previously calibrated tables can be recalled and, if required, recalibrated.


The incremental angular technique is used for both flatness and straightness calibrations. Data is taken along prescribed generators with angular instruments such as electronic levels, auto collimators or laser interferometers.


Measured data can be analysed with respect to a gravity datum, least squares or minimum zone reference planes. For flatness specification in terms of National and International Standards, the minimum zone reference would be selected, whereas for machine tool guides and beds, a gravity plane would be more appropriate. The results of a calibration are automatically graded in terms of BS817, ISO 8512 and DN 876 (Parts 1 & 2) with the option of a user defined standard for more specialist applications.


The software supports both keyboard and ‘on-line’ input of angular data, from instruments such as Talyvel and Wyler levels. Electronic levels having an RS232 output or Analogue instruments using our optional 14 bit resolution interface can be interfaced with PCs laptops and the like. The analogue interface also incorporates a remote manual push button to log data when the instrument is in position.


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