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Flatness Measurement


Illustration of the setup for using the 55282A Flatness kit to measure the flatness of a Surface Plate using the Union Jcak Method.


Illustration of the setup for using the 55282A flatness kit to measure the straightness of a machine guideway.

Flatness Measurement   Way Straightness Measurement

The straightness of a machine way can be measured with the laser using the incremental angle technique. The angle of a base at a series of overlapping positions are measured, these angles are then converted into height measurements. These height measurements can then be combined to give the total variation in straightness of the line or generator. When multiple lines or generators are measured the flatness of a surface (such as a surface table) can be measured.

Flatness Accessory Kit  (55282A)

Diagonal Measurement

 Equipment Required


Basic Laser System (5529B)

Angular Optics Kit (55281A)

Flatness Accessory Kit  (55282A)

 Compatibility  :

Keysight 5530, Agilent 5530, Agilent 5529

Hewlett Packard 5529, Hewlett Packard 5528

 Data Sheet  :

55282A Flatness Accessory Kit



Flatness Accessory Kit Contents


Part Number


 Flatness Mirror

10773A 1

 Footspacing Kit

       50.8 mm (2 in) Base   1
       101.6 mm (4 in) Base   1
       152.2 mm (6 in) Base   1
       Hardware Kit (includes hex keys)   1


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