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Linear / Angular Measurement


Illustration of the set up for angular measurement using the 55281B for linear measurement and angular measurement.

Setup for Yaw (rotation about spindle) measurement for motion in Y axis

The Combination Linear/Angular Kit reduces cost by using the angular interferometer to make linear measurements.

Linear measurements can be made at multiple points along an axis to measure either linear displacement or velocity. These linear displacement measurements can be used to assess the capabilities of a machine to position at a target, with information relating to repeatability and errors due to direction of approach (backlash) if multiple bi-directional approaches are performed. In some cases, such as CNC machine tools or Digital Readout, positioning systems can be error compensated to improve accuracy.

Angular measurements can be made along an axis at a series of points in order to record the rotations perpendicular to the axis motion. The yaw and pitch motions of an axis can cause large positional errors away from the axis of rotation. The positional errors due to angular rotation increase as distance from the axis of rotation increase. Accurate measurement of angular motions can be important in fault diagnosis in machine tools.

Illustration of the 55281B for linear measurement and angular measurement.

Combination Linear/Angular Kit (55281B)

Linear and Angular Measurement

 Equipment Required


Basic Laser System (5529B)

Combination Linear/Angular (55281B)

 Compatibility  :

Keysight 5530, Agilent 5530, Agilent 5529

Hewlett Packard 5529, Hewlett Packard 5528



Combination Linear/Angular Kit Contents


Part Number


 Linear Retroreflector 10767A 1
 Angular Interferometer 10770A 1
 Angular Retroreflector 10771A 1
 Base 10784A 2
 Height Adjuster and Post  (~100mm) 10785A 2

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