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Slipsure - Gauge Block Calibration



Illustration of Slip gauge comparator and PC using Slipsure gauge block measurement and certification software


The Slipsure software system offers the user a powerful data acquisition and analysis package for gauge block calibration by comparison. The Slipsure system has proved vital for the effective and cost efficient calibration for many laboratories and incorporates requirements of UKAS accredited laboratories.


Slipsure compensates measurements for Master gauge error, Elastic compression and Thermal expansion and then grades the results to widely used standards. These standards include the new British Standard (BS 4311 : 2008), the International Standard (ISO 3650), which covers gauges and length bars up to 1000mm with other standards available by request. There is also the option of keying in a user defined standard for those special one off customer requirements


The gauge block calibration software is compatible with most makes of slip gauge comparator, such as Tesa, Mahr and Cary, where on-line measurement via the RS232 interface is achieved. This mode of operation reduces the chance of human error and therefore is more reliable as well as the reduced time for measurement with the associated cost benefits. Additional hardware can be used to interface instruments with BCD and Analogue outputs. There is also the option to use keyboard input for long range gauges that may be measured using different equipment and techniques.


The powerful certificate designer allows the user flexibility to produce high quality certificates to fit with their laboratory standards. All the items on a certificate can be manipulated as well as the addition of company logos and other graphics to enable plain paper printing, thus removing the need for costly pre-printed headed paper. An option also exists  certificates can also be output in PDF format for electronic certificates.


The latest version of Slipsure is the result of 20 years of development and input from our customers. This gives Slipsure all the features that are required to speed the job along. Default information can be set to reduce the amount of user input, with the C D Measurements address file storing customer address information for use across our metrology software packages. Repeat tests mean a duplicate test can be conducted with minimal input from the operator. the calibration data is continually saved and can be interrupted and re-started at any point. Gauges can be replaced or re-measured with the ability to produce certificates for both 'As received' and 'As dispatched' conditions.



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